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Family events at Tate Britian




Art Trolley
Weekend Sessions

Every Weekend 11.00 - 17.00

Visit and discover imaginative and weird and wonderful materials. You can build a sculpture, draw something that catches your eye or even create a pretty collage. 

Sponsored by Tate & Lyle PLC Tate Britian



Buckingham Palace - Changing of the Guard




The Guard Change takes place each day at 11:30 from May until the end of July and on alternate days for the rest of the year, weather permitting.

February - odd days (1, 3, 5, etc.)





Daily 11:30am


Offical Website:Changing the guard


How to get there: map - public transport




Old Bailey




Universally known as the Old Bailey, this is the probably the most famous criminal court in the world, and has been London's principal criminal court for centuries. It hears cases remitted to it from all over England and Wales as well as the Greater London area.

How to get there
Central Criminal Court
Old Bailey
Tel 020 7248 3277

There is no public access to the precincts of the Central Criminal Court but the public galleries are open each day for viewing of trials in session.

Large organised groups, such as visiting school / college parties, should always endeavour to call the Head of Security at the Court prior to visiting for an indication as to the availability of seating space at the intended time of the group visit.

Please note: Public Gallery seating can never be reserved under any circumstances.

There is no admission for children under 14 and proof of age may be requested by security. No cameras, video equipment , mobile phones, bags, food or drink are allowed in the building. There are NO facilities for the safekeeping of such items available at the entrance to the public galleries.

Daily case listings can be obtained from the Court Service website.

Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674 - 1834 can be found on the Old Bailey Online.






Monday - Friday 10.00am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm (approx). The court is closed on Bank Holiday Mondays and the day immediately after. There is a reduced court sitting in August.


Offical Website:The Old Bailey


How to get there: map - public transport




Jubilee Gardens




Beneath the Millennium wheel in Jubilee Gardens there are lots of street entertainers.




During daylight hours.


How to get there: map - public transport




The National Gallery




Guided tours - Daily 11.30am & 2.30pm.

10-minute talks - a quick insight into one painting, Monday to Friday at 4pm.

Lunchtime talks - Tuesday to Saturday each week at 1pm, plus special lectures and films on some Mondays.

Painting of the Month - a range of free talks at different times on one painting.

Free London Events - Trafalgar Square




10am-6pm Fridays 10am-9pm


Offical Website:The National Gallery


How to get there:map - public transport




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Changing guard at Buckingham Palace.

London launches The Jubilee Greenway


















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