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Columbia Road Flower Market

Free London Events - Columbia Road Flower Market


Markets In London

The market is open from 8am to 2pm and there are plenty of attractive cafes, pubs and authentic sea-food stalls where you can make a pit-stop. If getting there by Tube, Old Street is the nearest station, turn left on exit, walk along Old Street into Hackney Road and after 200 metres turn right into Columbia Road. You'll smell it before you see it.







Pollards Hill Cyclists

Free London Events - Columbia Road Flower Market


Markets In London

Sunday Cycle Rides Mitcham Common, Mitcham

Run by: Pollards Hill Cyclists

Every Sunday, Pollards Hill Cyclists offer a free, all-day, easy-going cycle ride around the countryside or quiet urban routes such as parks and riversides.






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Magic Carpet Storytelling Sundays

Free London Events - Columbia Road Flower Market



For the under-5s

The National Gallery Every Sunday 10.30–11am and 11.30–12pm, Meet in the Education Centre Foyer.

Fly away on the magic carpet as it comes to land in front of a different painting each day. Each story ties in with the theme of the workshops for ages 5-11.







Bayswater Road Market

Free London Events - Bayswater Road Market


Every Sunday, Bayswater Road in London W2 is transformed into the world's liveliest open-air art show.

Every Sunday Bayswater Road in London W2 is transformed into the world's liveliest open-air art show. Sidewalk-art at its best. This world famous show on the railings of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park is licensed by Westminster City Council. The Princess Diana Memorial Garden, the Peter Pan statue and the world's favorite Oxford Street shopping centre are all nearby.

Over 250 artists and craftsmen display their own original works - meet the artists and choose from thousands of different exhibits. There are oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors, drawings, pastels, sculptures in wood and metal, enamels, collages, in fact pictures in every medium, size, and subject from contemporary abstracts and traditional landscapes to the tiniest miniature flower paintings.

All exhibits are for sale at studio prices and what you see is what you get - you take your purchase away with you. We are experienced in catering for overseas visitors and can advise on packing and shipping. Paintings can be safely rolled and packed in tubes for taking home as hand luggage, and most artists are happy to sell pictures without the frame if you wish.

Some artists are members of Royal Art Societies, others have exhibited at he Royal Academy, many are established names that are known worldwide, some are unknowns who may be the Van Gogh of tomorrow.

Art and craft work on display every Sunday It's a lively exhibition and the artists are happy to discuss anything, from their work to the latest hot news items. There are many pubs and restaurants nearby, including the historic Swan Pub, The Pavement Cafe, McDonalds etc.

The show has been established nearly 50 years and is the largest regular open air show in the world. We're open in all weathers from 10am to 6pm every Sunday throughout the year - even in winter we're here until it gets dark.







Speakers Corner

Free London Events - Speakers Corner



For over 150 years, Speaker's Corner has been one of London's most unique and eccentric attractions. On any given Sunday morning, anyone who has an opinion to air and anyone who will listen will gather at the point where Oxford Street and Hyde Park meet. A visit to Speaker's Corner will offer you a glimpse of London's real past, where Londoners engage in earnest, open conversations that can quickly become loud and contentious debates. There's no parliamentary procedure here, it's freewheeling verbal contact and if you have a mind to, you're free to take part. It is as open a forum as you are likely to see anywhere in the world, a classless forum where one can really see grassroots democracy at work.







Mansion Bar & Parlour

Free London Events - Mansion Bar & Parlour


Free Music In London

Every Sunday at the Mansion Bar & Parlour, renowned pianist Paddy Milner presents a line-up of top UK and international Jazz, Blues & Roots artists, performing live. Join us for a relaxed Sunday brunch, coffee or something stronger...and experience the warm atmosphere of our regular Sunday mini-festivals at one of West London's Hottest New Venues.

Address: Mansion Bar & Parlour, 34-44 Barkston Gardens London SW5 0EW







Sunday Stroll

Free London Events - Sunday Stroll



London Friday Night Skate (LFNS) and Sunday Stroll are weekly marshalled street skates in central London. The LFNS departs from Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner every Friday at 8pm. The Sunday Stroll departs from Serpentine Road in Hyde Park every Sunday at 2pm. Both are weather dependant and we announce if a skate is running a few hours before the scheduled start. The events are open to all skaters able to stop, turn and control their speed on hills. The Sunday Stroll is a relaxed slow paced skate; the LFNS is faster, more technically demanding and may involve hills and sprints. We welcome both inline ('rollerblade') and quad ('roller skate') skaters. Children are welcome provided they're accompanied by a responsible adult willing to take them home if necessary. Route information is usually published mid-week and can be accessed via the links above. You can also find us on Facebook, on Twitter, or subscribe to our weekly email newsletter. LFNS runs purely for the joy of skating. Participation is entirely free and the skates are staffed entirely by volunteers.







Free London Events - Fred Perry Subculture


Free Music in London

8pm SE - Communion Bar Artisan Cocktails & Exceptional Live An Innovative South London Cocktail bar, a place to enjoy great music, entertainment and artisan beverages amidst a magical setting. A hidden sanctum showcasing the finest musical talent and entertainment in celebration of South London's vibrant culture.

Address: Communion Bar 29-33 Camberwell Church Street SE5 8TR





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