This months featured event
Christmas Lights 1st Nov - Jan
This months featured event
Nottinghill Carnival
This months featured event
Fri-Sat - 22nd-23rd October
Parallax Free Art Fair October 2023
Parallax Free Art Fair October 2023
Free Art
Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace
Daily event down the Mall and outside Buckingham Palace
This months featured location
Columbia road flower market
Parades and Marches
There are numerous parades in London, including the New Years Parade and Remembrance Day
Free Museums
Most of the Museums in London are free entry.
Lots of venue organise free music events.
More Information
Check out some of the free galleries in London.
From the London marathon to the naked bike ride there are lots of free sports events in London.
Check out the free walks in London
London is well know though-out the world as a shopping capital.
Here is a list of locations where free events a held.
London Parks
London has some of the best park in the world...
This months featured event
Morphs Adventure London
19th Jun - 20th Aug 2023